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I Subscribed via Apple but my account is still basic

If you’ve subscribed via iTunes/Apple but your account is not being displayed as Premium.
This is most likely because you have previously subscribed via iTunes on a different AnimeLab account. If you have had a previous AnimeLab account please try logging into that and pressing restore in app purchases. In most cases this will fix the issue.

If you are unable to locate the account you’re subscription is attached to please do the following:

  • Open the AnimeLab App.
  • Go to Settings and tap ‘Restore/Check In-App Purchases’ (AnimeLab app > Settings > Under Billing & Subscription > Check In-App purchases).
  • You should be displayed an OTID number – this is a reference to your previous AnimeLab account.
  • Please provide this number to our support team who can find the account at support@animelab.com
  • If this hasn’t worked please try logging into any previous emails you have used for AnimeLab and try the steps again.

Please note if you are trying to watch one of the limited release movies please try manually refreshing the watch list page or force closing your app and this should update to the most recent data.

If the particular movie you were having issues with is no longer present that means unfortunately the time it was released for has passed.

Updated on 7 October 2020

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