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Offline Playback & Downloads

To be able to access offline playback & downloads you require a compatible iOS or Android device, running the latest version of the app and an AnimeLab Premium subscription.

  • Navigate to the episode you would like to download.
  • Scroll down to the episode list and find the one you would like to watch offline.
  • Click the top right hand corner on the episode that looks like an arrow pointing down.
  • The episode will start downloading and will then be available to watch under your downloads.
Please note that your device will download in your preferred language only, this can be changed under settings.
  • Open the AnimeLab app.
  • Click the Settings tab.
  • Scroll down to Video Language.
  • Select preferred Language and “Save Changes.”
If you are downloading a series or movie that is only out for a limited release you may not be able to watch it after that time window has expired.
Updated on 5 January 2021

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