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Playback Settings

Some of these steps may slightly vary from device to device.

Audio Language:

  • Please check that the episode is in dual language
  • Play desired episode.
  • This will vary for device
  • Browser: In the top left you will be able to swap languages
  • Mobile: Under the cog on the right hand side under “Audio Selection”
  • Please note for some devices this will be selected upon entering the episode.

Please note that there is content that is only available for Premium subscribers more information can be found here

You can also change your preferred playback language under your settings (this will also choose what is downloaded for offline episodes)  

  • Settings/ Profile
  • Preferences
  • Video Language
  • Select Subbed (Japanese with English subtitles) or Dubbed (English)

Video playback quality:

  • Play desired episode
  • Click the cog (this is typically on the left side of the video)
  • Change to desired playback quality

Please note not all episodes will have multiple options.

Updated on 29 September 2020

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